Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Temple is Simple

Be worthy, get your recommend, make an appointment to go to the temple, and drive there. What could possibly go wrong?

First appointment for Jonathan was a Saturday and Heidi has a gall bladder attack and we need to take care of her so we do not make it. Poor Heidi it was seriously painful

Second appointment the weather has been in the 80's and that Tuesday evening we set our appointment and of all the luck, it snows on the road North making it impossible for us to get there in time.

Tried to schedule for the next Saturday but the Temple was closed for April General Conference.  We are seriously running out of time here.

Third appointment, my boss shows up who I have not seen in months and I can not get away that afternoon.

I finally called the Temple and said sorry we missed our 3:30pm appointment but we are for sure going to be there at 5:30pm  No matter what!  I got out of work early by saying I will deliver a part to the Medford office which they badly needed.    I speed home and change and grab Jonathan and we haul our rear ends up there. I drop the part off for work and we arrive at the Temple doors right at 5:30pm!

I really think someone does not want Jonathan to go to the Temple.  If there is a will there is a way!

Jonathan and I had a great time and it was such a great experience as father and son going through the Temple together. It will be a moment I will never forget. He had such a wonderful spiritual experience too.

Although there were few people there, maybe 15, Jon did meet someone who served in the South Dakota mission and they had a great conversation.

Even though we had to blaze up there, 2 1/2 hour drive,  and came back at 1am. and go to work at 6am. It was a great joy to be with you Jonathan for this wonderful experience.. Thank you Jonathan for allowing me to tag along and go through the Temple with you.

OH! And I'd like to thank the Temple President for his kind words to Jonathan and also for later helping us search for Jon's cell phone he lost in the temple. We never found it. Not even sure if that is where it was lost but Jon insists it's in there. No big deal, Jon leaves in a week anyway.  Great memories... haha!

UPDATE: After we got back from dropping Jon off at the MTC the Temple called and said they found the phone in the locker area! Mystery solved! Yea!

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